Bittersweet Memories

Friday my dad came home. While this may not be much for most people, it is for me. On July 20, my dad lost control of his (somewhat) new motorcycle and had a terrible accident, landing in a field and splitting his head open. He was very lucky that there were witnesses to help, literally, hold his head together, and call 911. Immediately upon arriving at the hospital he was rushed into brain surgery and has been in the hospital and rehab centers for over 6 weeks.

My dad remembers nothing of the accident but the good samaritans that were at the scene, say that he wasn’t wearing a helmet. When I found out this information, I was more than upset. Growing up, it was preached for me to always wear a helmet when riding a bike. To know that my dad did not follow his own advice made me think about what his future held.

I say all of this as a public service announcement. In 2011, I also did not wear a helmet once while riding my bike and it cost me dearly. While giving a hand signal that I was turning, I lost control of my bike and landed face first on pavement. It was not a pretty sight. Being stubborn, I went on to work and did everything like normal. It wasn’t until a few days later that symptoms of a concussion started. After many hours at the hospital, it was determined that I had Post Concussion Syndrome. PCS can last from a few months to a year; mine lasted 6 months. Going to class was impossible the second week after the accident, as was doing anything other than laying in bed with my eyes closed. Earplugs were necessary to keep in my hears to help muffle sounds for the next few months. Sounds, smells, and lights all gave me terrible headaches.

Years later, I still get migraines from lights that are too bright or situations that are too loud.I know my dad has a long road ahead of him, just as I did but I hope he learns his lesson. I also hope everyone else can learn from my dad’s and my mistake. PLEASE wear a helmet anytime it is recommended. My dad and I were lucky, and for that, I will always be grateful.

My face after falling off my bike in 2011

My face after falling off my bike in 2011


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