Not So Close to Home

Remember when I said we had a house? Well, we don’t. The house we are interested in is a short sale, the step before foreclosure.

We found out around mid-September that the sellers’ bank has yet to make a decision about accepting our offer; it was the sellers that actually accepted it. J and I signed a contract stating a decision would be made by Sept. 30 and we would close on or before Oct. 17. That day has come and gone with still no word from the bank that owns the house. Earnest and option monies have been turned in to the title company and seller (by us- which is another story) and all documents have been turned in to the bank; the bank appears to be dragging their feet just because.

To add to the mystery of our future, we put in our 60 day notice for our apartment complex (we were never told not to), which would put our move out date at October 29. We thought that because we had a closing date, we would be fine.

Right now, our realtor, we’ll call him CJ, is on vacation from Oct 4-17 (our original closing date), for the second time during our home buying process, with limited phone and email access. It was only because he was going on vacation that contact information for his assistant and broker were shared with us. The first time CJ was on vacation was when our earnest money was due, which HE was supposed to turn in, not us.

Despite everything, we have decided to extend our contract to give the bank more time to make a decision on our offer. J and I really like the location and amenities of the house. CJ’s broker has been working with us and is a dream and a life saver. He has answered all of our questions and kept us up to date with everything that is going on.

Our apartment complex is working with us so we can stay in our apartment until everything is finalized. We don’t know how much longer we will have to wait for our home but we feel that everything will work out the way it needs to.


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