Almost there!

I got a call during work yesterday that we can order the appraisal on our house. This means that the bank has accepted our offer and we are moving forward! I could have done cartwheels down the hall, I was so excited!

The countdown has begun (14 days) and right now, we are packing like mad. Packing is normally a crazy process with things thrown in boxes and marked with a general label (bedroom, kitchen etc.), but once moved, you can’t find the can opener. Call me crazy but I have developed a system using a spreadsheet (which I love!) and I am happy to share it with you.

First, find, buy, or borrow a small, clear plastic tub (we used Hefty’s 29qt bin) to keep all of your moving supplies in. Having a clear tub makes it easy to spot in the sea of cardboard. This will be your moving box and will include:

  • Labels, both blank and printed. I recommend Avery
  • Markers, two each of the colors you are using and multiple sizes of black. I highly recommend the Sharpie brand.
  • Packing tape and tape dispenser gun. There are usually packs of the tape and dispenser sold together.
  • Ribbons in the room colors. These are to tie around furniture that you don’t want stickers on.
  • Moving binder. This will hold all of the documents you may need to reference (contact information, contracts, receipts, etc.).

Pick a color for each room. Our new house happens to be painted, so the label color will correspond with the paint or decor color of the room. In addition to each color, there are also corresponding numbers for each room:

  • 100s – Living room – Dark pink
  • 200s – Kitchen – Green
  • 300s – Master Bedroom – Dark blue
  • 400s – Master Bathroom – Light blue
  • 500s – Office – Orange
  • 600s – Guest Bedroom – Purple
  • 700s – Guest Bathroom – Yellow
  • 800s – Garage – Red
  • 900s – Laundry Room – White

Here is the link to an edited version of my spreadsheet- Moving Inventory. Feel free to save and edit this as it works for you.

There are a few important things that make my system work:

  1. I only work on one box at a time. If possible, have one person packing and labeling and the second person inputting the box contents in the spreadsheet.
  2. Pre-print labels with the color and name of the room the box will be going in. This will make labeling very quick and easy. (Pre-printing number labels could also be helpful. We used large shipping labels by Avery.)
  3. When listing the contents of your box, list everything. This is especially helpful with kitchen and bathroom boxes when you will need something right away.

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